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Darkest Hour

This is going to be an easy and to the point post. I turned it off.

The beginning I did not find interesting at all, I honestly do not care for the main actor so that could be partly why I was not intrigued. It seemed slow, and lacking story, it jumped right into the energy parts from the commercials and I found myself focused back on my computer and not the TV. I will not be suggesting this movie to my customers.

Overall rating for the lame 20 minutes or so that I watched….3

Adjustment Bureau

Once again a movie that has been out awhile, and I just had a chance to get to it and all I have to say is what the hell….why did I bother?

Interesting concept? Yes…sorta…

Well executed? Not so much.

I may not be the biggest Matt Damon fan, but he has done some good movies. This I’m just not deeming as one of them. Maybe I expected more action and suspense then romance and drama. How they portrayed fighting for the love of his life, just wasn’t as intense as I would have hoped. The idea of someone controlling every step you make is interesting, but it could have been more intriguing then these “non humans” with “magic hats”. It’s like Harry Potter, modern day, running for government with a sorting hat gone wrong…

My rating out of ten? 4…


I know this movie has been out for awhile, but I finally was able to snag a blu ray rental copy from work.

The beginning of the movie did not capture as much as I thought it would. A devastating event in a young child’s life would normally reel the watcher in, but it didn’t in this case. It seemed like something that had been done time and time again, and I simply sat waiting for time to pass to see what would happen when she was older. The action scenes turned out to be alright, but the scripting was poor, the movie would have made the same impact on me if there had been no speaking whatsoever. Cataleya, played by Zoe Saldana was an interesting character because she was written to have smarts and style in the things that she did. Seemed for the most part to be on top of the ball, already ahead of the game and knowing what would happen next, when the bad guys hadn’t even thought it yet.

On a scale of 1-10 I would have to rate this movie a 5.5, action was cool but the story, although there was one, it was not done well in my opinion. Young girls seeks revenge on killer of her family, and then goes balls out when she grows up. Simple as that.